Residential Landscaping in Northville Michigan

Are you looking for high quality yet affordable residential landscapers in Northville, Michigan or the surrounding area? You’ve come to the right place then! The landscaping professionals at Landscape Solutions offer a wide variety of landscaping services in Northville, MI and the surrounding cities. As a residential landscaping maintenance and installation company we have been succeeding in providing our customers with the best quality landscaping services at the most affordable prices for over 7 years. Hey, people don’t call us Reliable, Quick and Affordable for nothing.

Residential landscaping services in Nortvhille Michigan

Whether you’re looking for mulch installation, bush trimming, general yard maintenance or a spring/fall cleanup, among many other services, we can help you in a timely and affordable manner. We offer same or next day FREE landscaping quotes to any homes in Northville, Novi, Walled Lake, Farmington Hills or any neighboring cities.

Our most sought after service is our unique, natural landscape edging. Developed by our professional landscaping team, natural landscape edging uses only the earth to carve out the perfect edge to your beds. No metal and no black diamond plastic. Natural landscape edging will save you money in the long run and will be a welcome addition to any yard. Ask about our natural edging when you call!

When you call our residential landscaping company you can expect to talk to a friendly representative every time. And in the event we miss you’re call, you will be contacted within 24 hours to schedule an appointment or answer any questions you may have.

We guarantee you won’t find more experienced and professional landscapers in Northville with the kind of customer service Landscape Solutions provides.

Don’t be shy! Contact our residential landscapers in Northville for your free landscaping consultation today! And if you don’t live in Northville, don’t panic, because we service all of Oakland County, MI. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Impatiens May Be Impossible To Find In Novi and Neighboring Cities

Having a hard time finding Impatiens to plant this year? A fungus called downy mildew, is to blame. The fungus is killing impatiens, Michigan’s favorite shade loving, annual bedding flower. And because of the high risk investment nurseries would have to undertake in growing this loved flower, most Metro Detroit nurseries have decided to stop selling them all together.

Downy Mildew infecting impatiens in Novi

Downy Mildew Infection

Major players in the flower business like Bordine’s, Farmer Johns, English Gardens, Plymouth Nursery and Weigands have decided not to stock their shelves with Impatiens. Being some of the largest independent garden centers in the Metro Detroit area, they made this a collaborative decision in order to ensure the best quality products for their customers.

Downy mildew is thought to have come from Europe and gradually spread to the states. Others think the fungus came about because of a lack of biodiversity. Biodiversity is when different plants are planted in the same soil year after year so that the soil can replenish its nutrients from the previous season. Since Impatiens are such beautiful flowers and do so well in Michigan homes, homeowners have grown accustom to planting Impatiens in the same place every year. Thus, where the lack of biodiversity comes into play.

There are many alternatives to Impatiens this year and the experts at Landscape Solutions are more than happy to find a new flower to fit your landscaping needs. For those of you who are still interested in Impatiens, although ill advised, we’ll do everything we can to find some and install them in your landscaping. Call the landscaping professionals at 1-800-555-5555 for more information on Impatiens, downy mildew, and other landscaping services.

Keep a look out! We’ll keep our customers and followers updated via Facebook and Twitter if we come across any nurseries that are selling Impatiens in Novi, Northville, Farmington Hills or other Metro Detroit cities. If you find any Impatiens in the Metro Detroit area please let us know! We would love to share that information with our friends and customers!

UPDATE (4/16/13): Willow Greenhouse, located in Northville, MI will be growing a limited amount Impatien flats and hanging baskets.

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The Benefits of Proper Mulch Installation

If you do nothing else to your landscaping this season adding a fresh layer of mulch is something you should definitely consider. Mulch is cheap to purchase and install in relation to other landscaping services and should be applied every 1-2 years. Many people think that mulch is only for looks but they’re wrong! Mulch brings with it a multitude of other benefits for your home, garden and landscaping.

Mulch Installation Before and After

Before we get to the benefits, let’s take a second to go over the proper way of laying mulch. Yes, even throwing little wood chips on the ground has a right and wrong way, and doing it wrong can be devastating to your home’s landscaping. When laying mulch remember to maintain a 2-4 inch depth. Too little and you won’t get the benefits. Too much and you’ll get problems like root rot, over retention of water, and micronutrient deficiencies. Avoid putting mulch up against tree trunks or the bases of other plants and bushes. If mulch is piled against the stems or tree trunks, pull it back a few inches so that the base of the trunk and the root crown are exposed. When mulching around large trees be sure not to pile it up too high but instead increase the area around the base of the tree for which mulch will be applied. Think wide, not thick.

We all know how nice new mulch looks but what about those benefits? In addition to making a home looked well-groomed, mulch is placed over soil to maintain moisture and improve soil conditions. Mulch can also reduce water loss, keeping your plants healthy. Learn all the benefits below.

Benefits of proper mulching:

1. Mulch helps maintain soil moisture. When mulch is applied evaporation is reduced, and the need for watering can be minimized. This not only saves water which is great for the environment but also keeps your plants properly fed.

2. Helps control weeds. A 2- to 4-inch layer of mulch will reduce the germination and growth of weeds. This will help you to minimize the amount of time you spend weeding and maximize the time spent enjoying your yard.

3. Mulch serves as nature’s insulating blanket. Mulch keeps soils warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. A high soil temperature in the summer can disrupt the life cycle of some delicate plants. While this isn’t important to everyone, it is still a worth while benefit.

4. A layer of mulch can inhibit certain plant diseases. Everyone who has a yard has had to deal with a plant or tree being infected with disease from time to time. And if you haven’t then consider yourself lucky! But an infected tree can cost a lot of money to heal or remove and infected plants can die and infect nearby shrubbery. Keeping your yard healthy can be as easy as a light mulching.

5. Some mulches can improve soil fertility. The mulch that we use here at Landscape Solutions comes from natural materials. These materials hold nutrients that can fertilize your soil which add life to your plants, shrubs and flowers. Soil fertilization is not only good for the plants and flowers in your beds but the fertilizing properties can also spread to your lawn, making it greener, thicker and more resilient to disease.

There are many mulch types to consider when refreshing your yard. There’s eco-friendly mulch, colored mulch, natural mulch, dyed mulch, shredded mulch and even double or triple shredded mulch. Mulch can be made from various materials and not every mulch is right for every home. Picking the right mulch to match your home and meet your needs isn’t always easy. Give the experts at Landscape Solutions a call at 1-800-555-5555 and we’ll come out to your home and make sure you get the right product as well as proper installation.

Who doesn’t love a freshly mulched yard? It makes a yard look bright, clean and well put together. If it’s been years since you last updated your mulch now is the time to make a change. Your home could be 110% brighter and healthier than it is right now. Whether you live in Northville, Novi, Farmington Hills, West Bloomfield, South Lyon, Milford or anywhere else in South East Michigan we’ve got you covered!

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The Best Landscape Edging to Install Around Your Flower Beds

The edging around your flower and mulch beds are one of the hardest things to maintain when it comes to landscaping. Many homeowners let their edging deteriorate and don’t realize how much value clean edging can add to a home.

Natural Landscape Edging Oakland County

The number one rule in edging is to AVOID plastic and metal edging materials. These materials are hard to install, expensive and get torn up by lawn mowers and weed whippers in an instant. If you install plastic edging in your home chances are it wont last very long. If the lawn mower doesn’t tear it apart it will most likely be pushed up and out of the ground over time, leaving you with a sight that is appalling to the eye. Metal edging is very expensive and the costs definitely outweigh the benefits. The only benefit that metal edging gives you over plastic is that it is harder for the lawn mower to damage it during cuts. But now you have to worry about the metal edging damaging your lawn mower if you get too close! Metal edging is much more expensive and can damage your mower, not a good combination in my opinion.

As you can see metal and plastic edging are not the solutions to your edging needs. That is why through years of experience Landscape Solutions has perfected and developed the technique of the “Natural Landscape Edge.” This edge is an all natural, eco-friendly, natural material only, landscape edge that creates the perfect barrier between your flower/mulch beds and your lawn. No need to worry about damaging your mower, as the blades cut safely over the edge. No need to buy expensive materials, as the edge is cut directly into the earth. And the best parts, it costs less than all of the other edging types, maintains its shape the longest and leaves the cleanest look to your home.

Every home Landscape Solutions has landscaped in the last six years has tried the natural edging on their landscaping and loved it! Call 1-800-555-5555 and get your FREE quote on natural edging today! And tell your friends, because every landscape should be a natural one!

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