The Best Landscape Edging to Install Around Your Flower Beds

The edging around your flower and mulch beds are one of the hardest things to maintain when it comes to landscaping. Many homeowners let their edging deteriorate and don’t realize how much value clean edging can add to a home.

Natural Landscape Edging Oakland County

The number one rule in edging is to AVOID plastic and metal edging materials. These materials are hard to install, expensive and get torn up by lawn mowers and weed whippers in an instant. If you install plastic edging in your home chances are it wont last very long. If the lawn mower doesn’t tear it apart it will most likely be pushed up and out of the ground over time, leaving you with a sight that is appalling to the eye. Metal edging is very expensive and the costs definitely outweigh the benefits. The only benefit that metal edging gives you over plastic is that it is harder for the lawn mower to damage it during cuts. But now you have to worry about the metal edging damaging your lawn mower if you get too close! Metal edging is much more expensive and can damage your mower, not a good combination in my opinion.

As you can see metal and plastic edging are not the solutions to your edging needs. That is why through years of experience Landscape Solutions has perfected and developed the technique of the “Natural Landscape Edge.” This edge is an all natural, eco-friendly, natural material only, landscape edge that creates the perfect barrier between your flower/mulch beds and your lawn. No need to worry about damaging your mower, as the blades cut safely over the edge. No need to buy expensive materials, as the edge is cut directly into the earth. And the best parts, it costs less than all of the other edging types, maintains its shape the longest and leaves the cleanest look to your home.

Every home Landscape Solutions has landscaped in the last six years has tried the natural edging on their landscaping and loved it! Call 1-800-555-5555 and get your FREE quote on natural edging today! And tell your friends, because every landscape should be a natural one!

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