Impatiens May Be Impossible To Find In Novi and Neighboring Cities

Having a hard time finding Impatiens to plant this year? A fungus called downy mildew, is to blame. The fungus is killing impatiens, Michigan’s favorite shade loving, annual bedding flower. And because of the high risk investment nurseries would have to undertake in growing this loved flower, most Metro Detroit nurseries have decided to stop selling them all together.

Downy Mildew infecting impatiens in Novi

Downy Mildew Infection

Major players in the flower business like Bordine’s, Farmer Johns, English Gardens, Plymouth Nursery and Weigands have decided not to stock their shelves with Impatiens. Being some of the largest independent garden centers in the Metro Detroit area, they made this a collaborative decision in order to ensure the best quality products for their customers.

Downy mildew is thought to have come from Europe and gradually spread to the states. Others think the fungus came about because of a lack of biodiversity. Biodiversity is when different plants are planted in the same soil year after year so that the soil can replenish its nutrients from the previous season. Since Impatiens are such beautiful flowers and do so well in Michigan homes, homeowners have grown accustom to planting Impatiens in the same place every year. Thus, where the lack of biodiversity comes into play.

There are many alternatives to Impatiens this year and the experts at Landscape Solutions are more than happy to find a new flower to fit your landscaping needs. For those of you who are still interested in Impatiens, although ill advised, we’ll do everything we can to find some and install them in your landscaping. Call the landscaping professionals at 1-800-555-5555 for more information on Impatiens, downy mildew, and other landscaping services.

Keep a look out! We’ll keep our customers and followers updated via Facebook and Twitter if we come across any nurseries that are selling Impatiens in Novi, Northville, Farmington Hills or other Metro Detroit cities. If you find any Impatiens in the Metro Detroit area please let us know! We would love to share that information with our friends and customers!

UPDATE (4/16/13): Willow Greenhouse, located in Northville, MI will be growing a limited amount Impatien flats and hanging baskets.

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